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A love poem and a hot drawing of me (:

Rabbits In The Flowers

You and I are rabbits
in a patch of flowers
And every single flower
is a beautiful shade of red
Only red is vibrant enough
for our kind of love
Red like our hearts
Red like our blood
Red like our eyes
Red like our muscles
Red like our whole lives!
Every part of us working
just to stay like this
As rabbits in the flowers.

And now, a picture of me as drawn by a forum friend of mine. She's very talented (: I blocked out my name to protect my own privacy, but left her artist name.
Image Hosted by

I love it! My hair is darker than that, but I do have an outfit like that... and someday I will have a whip... and I am definitely a big fan of felines. I feel cool just for having this image (:
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