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A fantasy of mine.

Tonight he wanted me to share a fantasy of mine with him. I told him I was too embarrassed to. He asked if there was something he could do to make me feel less embarrassed, and I said he could be with me and hold me and kiss me. I knew he couldn't, because of the distance, but we say things like this all the time anyway. After hesitating until the last minute, I managed to tell my lover a fantasy of mine, but it was rushed because he was falling asleep and couldn't stay up any longer. Now I've decided to write out my fantasy in more detail. Maybe I will show it to him tomorrow... yeah, I think he would like that... or maybe I will wait longer. I am not sure. Just write the fantasy already!

There is a whirlpool in my house. My parents had it installed a few years ago. At first I was indignant, thinking that the money they had put into the luxury of a whirlpool could have been put to better use, like helping fund my college classes or something to that effect. But I got over that soon enough, because the whirlpool turned out to be my first real sexual delight. I found that if I let the jets stream and pound against the tender area between my legs, it stimulated me to heights I had never been close to reaching just using my hands. I remember my first time trying it. The more excited I got, the closer I would bring myself to the jet until I was pressed right against it, my legs up and over the side of the tub, using my hands to help hold my hips up to meet the infinite thrust of water. It pounded against my exposed clit with such intensity that I couldn't help but moan, and I began to feel a sensation of pleasure I had never felt before, tingling in my arms and legs rising in my chest. It just kept getting better and better! I couldn't take it anymore, and my hips jerked upward involuntarily while I pushed myself away from the jet, afraid that any more pleasure would kill me. But without any way for a "real release" I was left in sexual despair with my body throbbing and aching for that one last push over the edge but I didn't know how to give it. After these sessions I would sigh to myself, "One day I won't have to do this anymore. One day I will give myself to my love, and I will finally be satisfied." I could never orgasm on my own because I just couldn't seem to keep going. I would get to a certain point and be unable to take any more. I knew I needed my boyfriend to bring me all the way to ecstasy. On my own it was useless, but he could drive into me until I couldn't take it anymore and then keep going anyway, effectively driving me to bliss.

Jumping back to present, where 11 months have passed since I lost my virginity to my sexy boyfriend, it has been my fantasy for some time to combine the intense clitoral stimulation of the water jets with the truly satisfying release of having his wonderfully thick cock stuffed deep inside me.

So we fill up the whirlpool. My parents are long gone so we have nothing to worry about, not noise, not how much time we have, nothing. We take off our clothes and kiss each other, hold each other, and then settle into the tub together, both sitting down and both facing toward the jet that will soon be molesting me. I lean against my lover and he kisses and nibbles my ear. His hands fondle and squeeze my breasts, and then he turns on the jets. I ease myself close to the surging water, with my lover's hands grasping my hips, pushing me toward it until it is gushing directly against my sensitive areas. I sigh contentedly, and move my body up and down against the flow. My lover gropes me more aggressively now, aroused by the sight of me pleasing myself. He kisses and nibbles and licks my neck and shoulders and one hand slips between my legs. Using two fingers, he makes sure I am spread wide and exposed to the jet's flickering tongue. I moan quietly when he does this. "Dirty girl," he whispers to me. "Dirty dirty girl."
"Yes," I answer. "Yes, yes... yes." And I say his name with such desire, and my own hand wanders to join his between my legs. I want him to stroke me now, to make me want him inside me. I weakly push the button to turn off the jets, so I can enjoy just the feel of his fingers playing with my swollen clit and opening. He continues to whisper to me, about such a dirty girl I am, and I have to agree with him as I rock my body lustfully against his intruding fingers.

Then I know it is time, time to scream in pleasure with my lover thrusting inside me, so I move his hand away and turn to face him. I kiss his mouth, and our tongues push aggressively past each other. He pulls me tight against him and I cling just as passionately to him with both arms. I am so turned on, I grind against him, sighing with such want, such need for his body. I cannot stand to tease myself any more, and I take hold of him, and guide him inside me. He thrusts in to the hilt and I grasp him tighter, my mouth still eagerly enjoying his. We both start banging together urgently, and I moan but he keeps his mouth on mine, licking and sucking. The water is splashing wildly but we just don't care. I can keep this up for only a matter of seconds before I have to put my face down to his shoulder as that insane pleasure fills my body and I feel myself losing control. I am moaning louder and louder, my nails dragging across his slick back desperately, and I cry out his name, cry out for him to never stop fucking me, never stop fucking me.

I climax hard, spasming around his cock, trembling against him, still screaming in helpless delight, but he is not finished. He continues to thrust inside me until I am jolted by another orgasm... and another... until at last he jerks and cums generously into my tight little body. I lay exhausted and dazed against him, both of us soaked from water and sweat. My eyes close and I manage to plant soft, appreciative kisses on his shoulder before leaning back against him weakly to recover. And we both stay there, still stuck together, so satisfied with each other, resting. I thank heaven for my sexy boyfriend.
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