sexthoughts (sexthoughts) wrote,

An erotic poem.

I actually wrote this little poem last week, I think, but I forgot to post it. I think it's rather obvious what it's about.

Ice Cream Cone
My lover is an ice cream cone
smooth and delicious
My delight is to taste him
and caress him with my lips
He melts in my mouth
my tongue searches for more
until every last drop is devoured
and my jaw rests
happily sore.
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I think I may the "reply" to Father's Milk
Nice. I like to think of it like "nursing" too. Or "supping upon" my lover. It's not just for him; I do it because it pleases me to do it, too. So, good choice of words, with the offering and accepting. It's a mutual pleasure.

Deleted comment

Thanks, and thanks for stopping by my little journal (: