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There's a completely reasonable reason I haven't been writing. It's not that I have stopped thinking of sex, no of course not. It is just that I recently was the focus of some unwanted attention by some creepy old man. I showed NO interest, wasn't dressed for attention, but he was all Gropey McGee before I got away. This made me think. I want to have this journal be public, because I don't have anyone to talk to about this sort of thing and I thought it would be nice to just be part of an anonymous community, a safe place to share these thoughts and feelings. But now I imagine someone like THAT guy reading what I say, and entertaining disgusting thoughts. Ugh. At least I haven't provided any pictures, and never will on this journal. At least someone who wants to think gross thoughts about me can never know what I would look like. Yes, I suppose that is comforting. Have I mentioned that I am NOT turned on by the "older guy"? Because I'm not. In fact, the older the guy is than me, the more turned off I get. So I don't need some 65-year-old dude bumping into me and acting like he just KNOWS I want to have some saggy oldman coitus.

Now that I have vented about that, I announce that the re-opening of my sex journal. No more fears. If anyone should ever decide to harass me via this journal, I can just delete the comments, or take my journal elsewhere.
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