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Someone new to talk to.

I found someone online that is attractive, experienced, can actually spell, and is skilled at talking dirty. As I've said before, talking dirty is something new for me. For some reason, it was easier for me to talk that way to a stranger than to my own boyfriend. I guess because I worry what my boyfriend will think of what I say than what some Internet person will. Anyway, I talked to him(my new friend) for a while last night through IM, and he said what he would do to me and I said what I would do to him, and he sent me a picture of his cock, and I sent him a picture of the panties I was wearing. It didn't seem like cheating because it was just online, just talking, but once he sent me the picture of his erection I started to wonder if this was wrong. Because it looked so appealing to me, that I began to think I really would like to feel such a gorgeous thing in my hands, my mouth, and between my legs. But if I knew my lover were having such fantasies about some woman, I would feel insecure, inadequate. So if he knew I were behaving this way with someone else, it probably would upset him, so maybe it is wrong. I have tried to get him to talk dirty to me more, to show off for me with pictures or on webcam, but he just doesn't feel comfortable with him. It leaves me wanting. I just wish he would let me stay with him. Then I wouldn't be tempted by people online who share my fantasies. I just feel guilty and confused, and yet I still keep thinking about my new online friend's words. He is hot. Damn me.
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