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Second cam-whore adventure, not so good.

So I admit to being full of lust again tonight and I really wanted to cam for G but he wasn't around. Some other guy sent me a message though and he could spell and he looked decent and since I was all dressed up for it anyway I decided eh why not. But this guy... bah, wasn't as good as talking dirty like G is. And he brought up anal-fingering, ugh. Anything anal is an instant turn-off for me. I ended up telling him that I had to go very soon just so he would stop talking and get off. I could have just closed the IM window and blocked him, but somehow, I was feeling too "nice." Regardless, I don't think I'll start camming with some random guy again. I'll wait patiently for someone I know, and who knows me sexually too. As for the guy from tonight, guess I'll just block him and I'm sure he'll get over it.

My lover wants me to wait two more months before I can finally live with him. That's right, he says I can live with him... but he has said that before. I still have hope that this really will be the time where I move in with him and then I won't need to wander the Internet looking for satisfaction anymore. I'll still update this, but it will be filled with how it's going with my lover, and not moping about things I wish we could do but can't because of distance. I love him more than anyone I'd ever chat with online, and I think he knows it.

Edit: Now G is online so I feel like a dumbass for not just waiting a bit longer.
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I am a stranger from the Internet (this is my anonymous journal) and I posted on your journal because whenever I see that someone has posted a picture of a cat I am overcome with the compulsion to comment with "Awwwwww kitttennns!" I am helpless to stop it. It is not that I am trying to lure people to this journal, actually, I make sure the user whose journal I'm commenting on is at least 18 so that they won't innocently click my username and stumble upon a pile of sex rants. But yes, I commented because you had the cat picture. I found the picture and your journal randomly through

And there you have it!