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All right, thought this would be fun to do.

Got it from someone on my friends list.

1. What's your favorite drink?
2. Ever had sex drunk?
Never been drunk.
3. Ever had sex with someone you didn't know?
No, just cyber.
4. Ever gone to a party/club with one person and went home with someone else?
5. How many people total have you slept with?
One was the real thing. Cybered three.
6. Ever slept with your best friends significant other?
No, I never would.
7. When did you last have sex?
Back in early June. Cybered last night.
8. Ever gotten high?
9. Ever been in a real fight?
Not since I was a little kid.
10. Ever given oral to a complete stranger?
11. Ever had sex with a complete stranger?
12. Ever had sex with someone and never seen their face?
13. Ever fantasize about a teacher?
14. Ever slept with a teacher?
15. Most number of people you've had sex with in a week? a day?
16. Ever shoplifted?
Yes but I feel guilty about it, and I don't think I will again unless desperate.
17. Ever lied to someone to sleep with them?
18. Ever paid someone/been paid for sex?
19. Would you ever do it with an animal?
No, and nobody should.
20. Ever gotten someone drunk just so you could sleep with them?
21. Ever had a 3some?
No... but sometimes I wonder... but then again I always end up thinking I'd rather not. Or would I? But with two males. I can't stand the thought of groping a chick.
22. Ever cheated on a gf/bf? why?
23. Ever have anal sex?
No, unless accidental counts. He pulled too far out, so when he thrusted back in it was the wrong target -_- He then apologized profusely. I honestly believe he didn't mean to. He knows I am against it.
24.Ever hooked up with someone from myspace or livejournal?
No, but met my lover through ICQ.
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