sexthoughts (sexthoughts) wrote,

Discovering ice cubes, and a new Internet friend.

Only two more weeks until I move in with my boyfriend. So for these last two weeks, I have a master online. This guy sent me a message, wanted to know if I would consider being his webcam slave basically. I decided to give it a shot. Today is my first day on the job, and so far, well it's not too hard. Kind-of... blah, really. Maybe I'm just not meant to be the slave type. BUT, I have learned that I love ice cubes. YES. G had me try putting ice cubes on my breasts and my pussy. Before, I had heard of people "using" ice cubes but I didn't understand what the appeal could be. Now I know, it is strangely exciting, that suddenly cold sensation, and the water dripping down. I like it a lot. I can hardly wait to try this with my lover (: Speaking of him, he is as sexy as ever. I am so elated that in just two weeks, I will be able to see him every night. *sigh*

P.S. My new master-dude says that tonight he wants me to try putting hair clips on my body, like clamps. I guess that will be something different. Not sure if I'll like it or not. We'll see.
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